Berlin Charter, the legacy of the CIVIC EPISTEMOLOGIES project

Berlin Charter, the legacy of the CIVIC EPISTEMOLOGIES project

CIVIC EPISTEMOLOGIES project celebrated its end in November 2015 with the International Conference “DIGITAL HERITAGE AND INNOVATION, ENGAGEMENT AND IDENTITY”, held in Berlin on 12-13 November 2015.

During the Final Conference, the partners of CIVIC EPISTEMOLOGIES and RICHES ( projects proposed the adoption of the Berlin Charter, a set of principles for encouraging and supporting citizens’ engagement in cultural heritage and humanities research in the digital age.

Several European organisations and individuals have already agreed to sign the Charter and to advocate its principles in their own operations.

The Charter is open to be adopted by all interested parties, namely private organisations, public institutions, artists, professionals, researchers and interested citizens.

Should you wish to adopt the Berlin Charter, please contact:

Mauro Fazio (the Project
Antonella Fresa
 (the Project Technical


IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Berlin Charter has been reported and disseminated also on theDigital Agenda for Europe portal here:

in the image above, Mauro Fazio, the CIVIC EPISTEMOLOGIES Project Coordinator and Neil Forbes, the RICHES Project Coordinator, presented the Berlin Charter.

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