Pilot & Case Studies

Pilot & Case Studies

The Roadmap will be validated by two case studies and one pilot whose results will be analysed to extract knowledge, lessons learnt and best practice:

  • The case studies will examine how community groups of citizens engage with cultural heritage and participate in the generation and reuse of cultural heritage using digital technologies: one case study will focus on the participation of volunteers in cultural activities (e.g. theatre, dance, music, art, film making, photography); the other case study will work with a revolutionary visitor app developed for Coventry City Council, and will focus on the value – or limitations – of Citizen Science supported by creative uses of ICT, in providing new user perspectives and understandings of the role of local cultural heritage knowledge in local economic regeneration and growth.
  • The pilot will run an ethnographic study focused on Western Ireland, to record, capture and document heritage composed of stories heard from elderly relatives and neighbours.

Have a look to the work done in the Case Studies downloading the Deliverable D4.2 here.

Have a look to the study conducted in the Pilot downloading the Deliverable D4.1 here.

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