Roadmap for Citizen Science

Download the final version of the ROADMAP FOR CITIZEN SCIENCE

The main objective of CIVIC EPISTEMOLOGIES is to design a sound Roadmap for the implementation of an e-Infrastructure:

    1. to enable creation, access, use and re-use of DCHH content,
    2. to provide learning resources,
    3. to provide communication services to multidisciplinary research teams located in different geographic places,
    4. to enable citizens to participate in a range of research goals established at European level together with cultural institutions and universities.

The ultimate aim is to address the scientific processes in DCHH and to bring citizens, through their associations, into the process of planning research.

Form and Content of the Roadmap

  • WHY - overall objectives for making a roadmap
  • WHO - who to address: target groups and/or user groups, stakeholders in general, members of society
  • WHERE - where to go (specific objectives and goals for the roadmap to be a basis forrequirements like improvning access, enhance quality of holdings/collections, social inclosure or…?)
  • WHEN - when shall these specific objectives and goals be reached (time line for implementing the roadmap)
  • WHAT - what to produce: a roadmap, but what are the basic drivers and the added values of citizen research and crowd sourcing as a method and what are benefits of using distributed e-infrastructure
  • HOW - how shall the roadmap be structured (adress each targetsgroups and/or user group or be structured on general level)

First versions of the Roadmap for Citizen Science

The first draft version of the Roadmap has been presented during the Workshop on the Roadmap organised in Leuven on 20 February 2015, where all interested parties (e.g. the wider cultural heritage community, researchers, citizens associations, creative enterprises, e-Infrastructure communities, etc.) were invited to provide their feedback.

The objective of this first draft version of the Roadmap was to provide a description of what a Roadmap for the use of e-infrastructure to support citizen research could look like.

The Consortium released an improved draft version of the Roadmap in June, 2015. This was the basis for the discussion that we continued to carry out with our community, both online and in the occasion of the new Workshop in Budapest on 10 July 2015. In fact, we intend the Roadmap as a living document, which grows absorbing and integrating the inputs gathered along the project in its various activities, including the pilot, the case studies, the workshops, the website, the participation to third parties events, etc..

The final version of the Roadmap is now available for download and has been presented at the International Conference in Berlin, 12-13 November 2015.

⇒ Download here the final version of the Roadmap⇐

⇒ Download here the second version of the Roadmap⇐

⇒ Download here the first version of the Roadmap⇐


Download the deliverable D3.2 “Roadmap” here

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