Are you interested in Civic Epistemologies project and outcomes?

Would you join us, to follow the project’s activities and to provide collaboration?

The outreach activities of CIVIC EPISTEMOLOGIES aim to contribute to the creation of the network of actors (called in the project the Network of Common Interest) who are willing to commit for the implementation of the Roadmap developed by the project.

The project targets the whole value-chain of the DCHH sector, from the public funding bodies (ministries and agencies) to stakeholders (cultural content owners), commercial enterprises (publishers and creative industries), e-Infrastructure providers and end users (researchers, educators, students, practitioners and amateurs).

In particular, the following are the most important targets for the CIVIC EPISTEMOLOGIES project’s dissemination activities;

  • Cultural heritage organisations, including Ministries of Culture and memory institutions (museums, libraries, archives, etc.) who are involved in (or planning) digital culture initiatives;
  • Organisations which coordinate and represent memory institutions (e.g., NEMO, EMF, ICOM, EBLIDA, CENL);
  • E-Infrastructures providers (usually National Research and Education Networks or NRENs and grid & clouds platform providers), who are responsible for the storage, computing and networking facilities at the core of e-Infrastructures;
  • Ministries and state agencies who are responsible for e-Infrastructures (typically Ministries of Science and/or Education);
  • Policy-making bodies which map out the future of e-Infrastructures on behalf of the Commission, of national government and of others. Good examples are e-IRG and ESFRI;
  • Research organisations that provide technical and expertise advice to cultural stakeholders;
  • Cultural and creative Industries;

Other projects in the digital culture, e-Infrastructures and policy arenas.

The method used to communicate with each stakeholder group will take into account the following:

  • What information does each group require?
  • In what format do they need information?

Information about CIVIC EPISTEMOLOGIES will be presented in large international events, organised by e-Infrastructure networks, research forums, and events dedicated to digital cultural heritage and digital humanities.

How to join the Civic Epistemologies network:

For being informed on the activities of the project, receiving our newsletters and being invited to our events: please complete the form on the right of this page.

For a bigger involvement, please download our models:

  • Individuals/institutions: model for Cooperation Agreement: .doc, 167 Kb
  • Other EU Projects: model for MoU: .doc, 235 Kb


Associate partners (who signed the Support letter to our proposal):

  • BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation (UK)
  • Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus)
  • ECTRL Solutions (Italy)
  • Eureva (France)
  • Fraunhofer IDMT – Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (Germany)
  • Friends of National Archives of Malta (Malta)
  • I2Cat (Spain)
  • Jisc (UK)
  • Museumsmedien (Germany)
  • NALIS Foundation (Bulgary)
  • National and University Library of Slovenia (Slovenia)
  • The University of Melbourne (Australia)
  • Università degli Studi di Padova – CAB Centro di Ateneo per le Biblioteche (Italy)
  • Waag Society (The Netherlands)
  • Winston-Salem State University (USA)


Cooperation Agreements

From the start, our project is growing, and many institutions, companies and other EU projects are joining Civic Epistemologies!

Please learn more about those who formally signed a cooperation agreement.


  • Citizen Science Center (CANADA)
  • YOTTA Advanced Computing d.o.o. (CROATIA)
  • ICARUS – International Centre for Archival Research (AUSTRIA)
  • Diputació de Barcelona (SPAIN)
  • Comune di Anagni (ITALY)
  • Generalitat de Catalunya (SPAIN)
  • International Alternative Culture Center, Budapest (HUNGARY)
  • Maynooth National University of Ireland (IRELAND)


Official Media Partner

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