Learning resources

The work in task will focus on the identification of skill gaps that hamper cooperation between cultural heritage stakeholders and citizens.
The task will continue with the identification of a range of resources and associated activities that are necessary to support the development of new skills that both the citizens and the cultural managers will need to gain in order to be ready to cooperate in join research. These learning resources and activities will inform Work Package 3 in order to be included in the Roadmap and will be tested during the project as part of Work Package 5.

The outcomes of this study will be:

  • a proposal for a ‘creative citizens skills standard’,
  • a proposal for a ‘creative citizens registry’,
  • an inventory of existing accessible teaching materials such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Open CourseWare that can fill the identified gaps,
  • an IPR guidebook focusing on creative citizens to unleash their creativity and providing exploitation models for their rights.

Discover the work done downloading the Deliverable D5.3 “Learning Resources report” here.

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