Strategic research agenda

Description of research goals that have the potential to be carried out in cooperation with citizens and how these can be developed. The agenda will cover digital humanities research and ICT applied to DCHH, the evolution of e-Infrastructures and digital libraries and how they may better serve DCHH with the involvement in the research of citizens; the engagement with creative industries and cultural institutions in the development of common research.

The Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) to be included in the Roadmap of CIVIC EPISTEMOLOGIES, will include the following elements:
- e-Infrastructures technical evolution
- The research goals of ICT technologies applied to DCHH
- Digital Humanities research goals
- Digital libraries development
- Engagement with creative industry
- Involvement of cultural institutions in cross-cutting research
The SRA will also include a study of metadata enhancements that can allow citizen data input and data from (Do It Yourself) DIY-platforms to feed into museum and archival information systems. The focus of the research will be a True web 2.0 architecture model for the cultural heritage institutions, that retools their information systems in a shared creative, knowledge building environment. This model will take into account the results of standards analysis of the Registry of services in order to semantically structure the crowdsourcing data in a suitable format that allows integration in the cultural heritage information management systems. This work will also take into consideration the legal issues (privacy, intellectual property rights, data quality and liability) associated with combining crowd-source data with the “authoritative” data managed by the professional sector.

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