Pilot on archaeology in Rural Ireland

Pilot on archaeology in Rural Ireland


Pilot Coordinator: Waterford Institute of Technology Edel Jennings, email: ejennings@tssg.org

We have all heard stories from our elderly relatives and neighbours that relate to our local heritage and landscape. Some of this information is passed on to the next generation but sadly most of it is lost with the passing of the elderly person, and is gone forever. In Ireland, for example, we have family names (also known as micro-names) for local fields and other features in our rural landscape. This information is a significant part of our local heritage, yet it is not documented anywhere, not on any document or map, only in memory.

Is there any way to record, capture and document this heritage before it disappears forever? This pilot proposes an participatory co-design study to evaluate crowd-sourcing as a technique to capture this information. The idea will be to discuss the problem space with a teenage transition year class and work with them in defining the tools and approaches needed for the study. These tools could be as ubiquitous as smart-phones that are already GPS enabled and equipped with camera and voice recording facilities. The young people can assist in bridging the gap between the technology and our disappearing heritage, by facilitating the process of engaging with local elders and gathering and digitizing information about their local rural landscapes

The young people will be included in the methodology definition, through participatory research and co- design, and in this way will be part of defining a best practice for further expansion. After all, the exercise will involve the harnessing of the young person’s free time, and voluntary engagement of their knowledgeable elders so the aim will be to design participation that is interesting, fun and rewarding.

More information on the Recording Heritage are available here

See also the Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heritage-Recording-Revival-of-oral-history-in-Waterford/1528962007342046?sk=timeline

The Pilot will be led by Waterford Institute of Technology, in collaboration with Arctur.

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