The second Focus Group held in Barcelona by the Coventry University

The second Focus Group held in Barcelona by the Coventry University

Focus-Group-in-Barcelona2The second focus group for the project organised by the team of the University of Coventry was held in Barcelona, Spain on Friday, December 13.2014 at the School for Adults of La Verneda – San Martí Learning Community, whose motto is “A school where people dare to dream”.

The Centre is centrally located in a historical neighborhood known for its citizen engagement and participatory practices. The Focus Group participants were activists and non-professional researchers who work directly with the Àgora Association or Huera organization.

The organizations serve as instruments of participation and cultural diffusion within the realm of education, working directly with citizens from the neighborhood, covering the entire district of La Verneda.

Àgora was established with the aim of enabling adults to continue the Lifelong Learning Process while also offering the whole neighborhood a wide range of cultural and educational activities.
Heura is an association of women born in 1986 whose global framework of training and participation bring new initiatives to the area while also serving the cultural and educational needs of the neighborhood, through the use of digital technologies and other tools.
Focus-Group-in-Barcelona3The Focus Group critically discussed citizen science at a local, national and international level and were excited to learn more about the development of the Roadmap the project is building.

The project consortium does not include a partner from Spain and organising the focus group in Barcelona provided a chance to tap into the experience and knowledge of local stakeholders.

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